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Snippet About Us ...

In a nutshell...

Creating unique and brand representative online and offline digital experiences for our clientele is something we pride ourselves in.

We strive to keep up with the current design and technology trends in the web and general app development space.

Our custom designs are modular meaning that future advanced functionalities can be implemented without compromising the existing architecture.

DevTom's Experience and Expertise

Our Expertise...

We can start this of with a disclaimer: we are night cats. We get things done when most of the world is asleep. Why? We aren't sure...

We are adept in getting you started in the digital space. Getting noticed on search engines guarantees greater client reach, which equates to higher organic leads generation.

Executing online campaigns for your brand are our forte. We strive to ensure that your brand's sentiment is recieved positively, maximizing on brand loyalty.

All our apps and websites are hard-coded. Do we like psycholigical pain coz we use this route? Maybe... You the client, however, get exactly what you want and need. Our programming is dynamic and evolves to suit your expectations in regards to the user interface and core functionality.

Our Services...

Graphic Design Services by DevTom

Graphic Design

Set yourself apart from the competition with unique designs.

Website Development Services by DevTom

Website Development

Designed to your expectations with full functionalities.

App Development Services by DevTom

App Development

Set yourself apart from the competition with unique designs

Network Engineering Services by DevTom

Network Engineering

Reliable, efficient, and supports continuous business operations.

General Maintenance Services by DevTom

General Maintenance

Compatibility, security updates and bug fixes for optimization.

Generic design is...
Unacceptable !!!

Our Process ...

Phase 1


Ah yes, where it all starts. A conversation. The client gives us a description of what they'd like their app to do and look.

Phase 2

Wireframes and Flow-charts

We never go in blind. Wireframes are designed and constantly adjusted to fit the theme of the app. Flow-charts are drawn to ensure that pages are properly linked.

Phase 3

The Backend

That's right, we work on the backend before the UI. This is where we create the database and program the core functionality models specific to your business.

Phase 4

The User Interface

This is where we put in the work. The UI is what the end user interacts with. Functional and aesthetic elements are designed, this is meant to enhance the user's experience.

Phase 5


This is a priority for any application. Having your data secure is paramount. We use tried and tested methods to salt passwords and hide sensitive files.

Phase 6


At this phase, we run the application live for a short period of time and look out for bugs. We analyze how users interact with the app and adjust accordingly.

Phase 7


Nothing pleases us than seeing an application through to its final phase. Client satisfaction in our services is our pride and joy.

We Create Digital Experiences
That Have A Positive
Lasting Effect