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Graphic Design

Designed to stand out...

Why is Graphic Design Important?

Design can be used to promote and sell products, to convey a message, or to develop a brand's identity.

In a Nutshell...

Get the right leads

Build visibility, credibility, trust and interest from potential leads through engaging designs.

Organic Traffic

Designs that are visually appealing generate organic traffic ultimately leading to potential conversions.

User Experience

The human eye will always discern beauty in things. The right designs significantly improve user experience.

My Expertise

I design User Interfaces that are visually appealing with the right colour palette that reflects the theme of your business or organisation.

User Interfaces

Generate leads through informative and striking designs of your social media content. Improve your overall brand sentiment online.

Social Media Posts

Visually represent your data through colorful and informative chart/graph designs that make it easy to understand and follow.

Data Visualisation


What do you use for data visualisation?

First of all, I think it's pretty neat if a user can interact with the data that is being displayed for them. The two Python frameworks I use for this are Matplotlib and Pandas.

What's in the box for social media posts?

I design social media posts in a set of three designs. They come in two formats: PDF for high quality print and PNG for image sharing.

How long does UI design take?

Freeflow creativity can be quite challenging especially if a project has multple pages and sections. It can be hard to quantify this because clients' needs are different. Some projects can take mere hours while others can take weeks.

Graphic Design FAQs by DevTom