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Mobile Applications

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Why are Mobile Apps Important?

According to TechTimes, mobile apps currently present the most efficient, direct and customizable way to deliver information about a product and encourage clients to remain loyal to a particular brand. This makes potential customers more likely to click over your site and convert.

I design mobile applications to be cross-platform oriented shortening the development life cycle of the application. I maximise on efficiency and quality of work by designing intuitive user interfaces with optimised functionalities.

Core Features...

Fast loading time

The faster the app loads the better the user experience.

Responsive UI

Seamless experience with a responsive user interface.


Allows for easy future expansions and upgrades.


Developed with a security-by-design approach.

Thought Process

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UI Design

Tried and tested design processes that lead to intuitive user interfaces improving user experience.


Actual development of the app, implementing all the dependencies and testing for bugs.

Launch & Support

Launch the app and open a support channel for bug reporting and app user experience monitoring.


How much does app development cost?

The factors I consider in pricing are the time I take to develop and the complexity of the application. On average, my pricing starts at USD 1,500.

What does cross-platform mean?

Cross-platform means that the app runs on both Android and Apple devices. This means that you don't have to devlop the app twice.

Does the App/Play store charge you?

Yes there are charges for having your app on the App/Play store. The average annual charges for the App store and Play Store are USD 99 and USD 25 respectively.

How long does development take?

Mobile app development depeds on the complexity of the app and testing. It can range from a week to months. Testing for differnt operating system versions can also be very time consuming.

What language do you use for apps?

There are multiple frameworks I can use for mobile app development. However I have a biasness towards Dart's framework, Flutter, and JavaScript's framework, React Native.

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