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Custom Websites

Dedicated, modular and representative...

Why Have a Custom Website?

Custom websites give a better first impression of your business or organisation. It is important to convey your brand's value as uniquely as possible across the internet and the best way to achieve this is by having a custom website.

I code custom websites using the HTML, CSS, vanilla JavaScript and Python languages.

Python's frameworks, Django and Flask, are what I primarily use for projects.

Core Features...

Custom UI

Having a brand specific User Interface will exponentially boost brand sentiment.

Fast loading time

Advanced websites have multiple web applications within them. Containerisation significantly reduces loading time.

Feature rich

Custom UI elements and effects make the website feature rich, reducing the bounce rate on site visits.


Since the website is hard coded, adding advanced features in future becomes easy.


Developed with a security-by-design approach.

Zero dependencies

The core functionalities of the website and its static pages have zero third-party dependencies because they were hard coded.


Custom Website FAQs by DevTom

Why do I need a custom website?

This cannot be stated enough, brand identity is paramount in custom website development. Customer retention is a priority and whether we like to admit it or not the average user will stick around if your website is pleasing to look at and interact with.

Is custom development expensive?

The general answer to this is "it depends". It can be hard to quantify because projects differ. For example the core functionalities of a blog web app are not the same with that of a SACCO web app. Complexity plays a major role in pricing. However, I charge an average of USD 85 per static page. I charge core functonalities seperately from static pages.

What is a static page?

A static website page is a page that only displays information and has UI elements for aesthetics and navigation. It carries no core functionalies.

What is a core functionality?

A core functionality is what you want the website to do. It can also be thought of as your online business model. For example a retaurant's website core functionalities may include online table reservations, food ordering and delivery.

How long do they take to develop?

Again, this depends on the complexity of the project. That being stated, an average website with 5 static pages can take a minimum of 3 working days. Larger projects can take a minimum of 4 weeks. A huge chunk of this time is taken up by rigorous testing before deployment.

What does having a custom UI mean?

User Interfaces (UIs) are what a website visitor interacts with to navigate across your website. Custom UIs are interfaces that are designed specific to your brand. Custom ones help you stand out from the competition by giving your business or organisation an identity.